Creativity - Company Message
Primadonna Flowers offers you a wide variety of quality products.Based in Pimlico westminster, I understand the personal touch needed to make any  experience great. I will help you find anything you need for a special occasion such as wedding,parties or events.Here are the products and servicesthat I can offer you.
Orchids arrangements
I design orchid arrangements according to your budget .Orchids last a long time and I have a range of containers for your orchid Plants and I mix the orchid with other plants and material to create a unique design.
Vase arrangements.
Beautiful vase arrangements for your office,home or any occasions,designs can be very outrageous or simply formal and sophisticated.
Sympathy arrangements.
Beautiful funeral design for those times when word are not just enough.
Events and parties.
Flowers bring a new dimension to every event bringing a
sense of frivolity to even the most formal gathering.
Wedding flowers.
Make your special day full of flowers.
Contract work
Providing fresh flowers and beautifull design for your restaurants pubs , bars  and offices..Every week will be a different design